About the Author

All content on this website is created and maintained by Kent Ibbott.


Kent was born in Melbourne, Australia, and currently resides in Miyagi prefecture, Japan. He arrived in Japan in 1967 as a dependant, attending junior high and early high school in Tokyo, followed by later high school and college in California and Massachusetts, USA.

From 1975 through 1985 Kent was employed at an advertising agency/production house in Tokyo, starting as a copywriter and eventually working as creative director with a wide range of clients and products. “Kent International” was established in 1985 and has operated independently ever since.

The foundation for a strong background in the technical aspects of sound and music was built at an early age through his father’s business designing and manufacturing highly-regarded audio equipment in the 50’s and 60’s. A personal love of the related arts led to attendance at the Berklee College of Music in Boston in the mid-70’s, with live and studio engagements scattered throughout the ensuing years. Photographic skills and knowledge were absorbed both as an amateur in the darkroom under the stairs and in the director’s chair at countless product shoots for promotional material. A decade as host of a weekly music and talk show on local FM radio adds familiarity with broadcast production and programming to the mix.

Kent International offers a broad spectrum of media skills encompassing writing, music, recording, photography, and voice for narration and broadcast. Writing and Japanese-to-English translation (creative “transwriting”) have been the primary focus for more than thirty years, with other abilities brought into play as required by individual projects. Expertise in music, sound, and imaging technology has made Kent International a valuable resource for a number of leading manufacturers in those fields, for promotion, documentation, and training program development.

On top of this solidly media-centric curriculum vitae Kent is bilingual and, with more than 40 years experience in Japan, “bi-cultural” to a degree that allows him to straddle the chasm between West and East and actually make some sense of it all.


Current and past clients include • Yamaha • Sony • Gakken Publishing • Apple • Canon • Maxell • TEAC • Konica Minolta • Nakamichi • Ikegami Electronics • Taisei Corporation • Dentsu • Hakuhodo, and others …


Although I have never pursued awards myself, recognition and approval are always appreciated, as are the efforts of the people who took the time to submit my work for consideration. The awards pictured below are from the STC (Society for Technical Communication).