The world is in disarray. Utter chaos that is worse than anything I have seen in my lifetime (which is a very long time). The United States of America, once one of the most respected nations on earth, is now a cesspool of corruption and in steep decline due primarily to the efforts of one degenerate individual who, through an improbable twist of fate, ended up in the driver’s seat. The repercussions have been global, dismantling social norms that have kept the worst elements of humanity in check and thereby giving pure evil a free pass.

This is a real threat to civilization as we know it. I think we can recover, but it won’t be easy. Too many of our demons have been freed from the shackles of decency, and are determined to take advantage of this rare opportunity to dominate. They are unlikely to  slither back to their dungeons without putting up an apocalyptic fight.

However it turns out, the world will not be the same. Society will have to change in fundamental ways. With a load of effort and a little luck we might even end up in a better place.

There is always hope.

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  1. Stewart Loeb

    Before it all resolves into something more humanistic there will be a lot of turmoil along the way. Remember me…you Berklee cat?

    1. Kent

      Thanks for the comment! I do remember you. It took me a minute and a look at your Facebook page, but the bell rang and the penny dropped. Will try emailing you.

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