November 2020

Two Realities

Apparently there are two realities. I know this because the 2020 US presidential election in particular and the Trump presidency in general have revealed that there are two groups of people who live in entirely different worlds. There may be others, but for the sake of brevity let’s just concentrate on the Big Two. One […]

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Finding Time

Time is never lost, actually. You can lose track of it, but it is always there, stubbornly draining away as you frantically dash around trying to keep up with an unrelenting to-do list. The more responsibilities we assume, the less time is available for fun and creativity. That is a problem, because creativity is food

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Escaping the Slow

I will get back to my normal routine of b*tching about life soon, but since I’m learning a thing or two about building websites with WordPress I thought I’d share. The previous incarnation of this site was extremely slow. I initially blamed my provider (which might not have been entirely wrong), but later discovered that

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Starting Over

Back to square one. I decided to do a little housecleaning and completely nuked the original site. There really wasn’t much worth keeping, so no regrets. For now this is all there is, but I have upgraded to the “pro” version of the Astra WordPress theme and will try to make the most of it,

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