Escaping the Slow

I will get back to my normal routine of b*tching about life soon, but since I’m learning a thing or two about building websites with WordPress I thought I’d share. The previous incarnation of this site was extremely slow. I initially blamed my provider (which might not have been entirely wrong), but later discovered that a couple of the plug-ins I was using were a large part of the problem. Said plug-ins are very common and recommended by the “experts,” but I’m beginning to suspect that the experts are somehow connected to the people that make the plug-ins. One of those slow-downers was Jetpack, and the other Elementor. Both are quite useful, but you pay a price in speed. Of course this could be because my provider is slow too, and with a blazing fast backbone I might never have noticed the lag, but I did, and things miraculously started running much faster when the offending plug-ins were removed. There are other ways to achieve the same functionality, so I will be going with those and keeping the site as light and quick as I can.

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