Two Realities

Apparently there are two realities. I know this because the 2020 US presidential election in particular and the Trump presidency in general have revealed that there are two groups of people who live in entirely different worlds. There may be others, but for the sake of brevity let’s just concentrate on the Big Two. One group believes in verifiable facts, while the other lives in a made-up fantasy land where, if their actions are an accurate reflection of their thoughts, you simply deny the other reality out of existence. The ability to alter facts by the force of pure will must be a very convenient and comforting superpower.┬áBut like all superpowers depicted in popular media, it is just make-believe. It is nothing more than an escape from the reality of facts, the harshness of which clearly makes the inhabitants of fantasy land very uncomfortable.

Motto: If you sell your soul to the allure of convenient fantasy, at some point reality is going to come around and bite you painfully in the arse.

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