Look Who’s Running the Asylum

I just wanted to take a few minutes to review some theories being proposed in all seriousness by real people who should know better:

• The California wildfires were started by lasers from outer space. Jewish lasers, no less.
• The sky is not real. It is actually a shield put up by the government to prevent individuals from seeing God.
• And of course the earth is flat, the election was stolen, democrats eat babies, and so on …

This kind of lunacy is certainly not new. Nutcases have been around forever. But when it infiltrates the core of a nation and starts to influence politics, legislation, and the lives of the populace in general, it might be a good idea to take a good look and do whatever it takes to prevent the insanity from spreading too far.

A couple of lessons I think we should have learned by now:

• Lunatics do not “grow into” positions of power, they simply become dangerous lunatics with power.
• Lunatics in power draw more lunatics into their orbit, creating a cluster of dangerous lunatics that can be difficult to dislodge.
• Conclusion: Never hand any sort of power to a lunatic.

Ever again. Please.

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