It is lovely to look at, and it can even be fun, but at sub-zero temperatures it has got to be one of the stickiest, most clingy substances in the universe. Until it melts, and then … yech. The town I live in has one of the most moderate climates in Japan’s Tohoku region. It …

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Email Glitch Fixed

I’m not particularly diligent about keeping tabs on whether the site is working properly. I do keep it updated, but sometimes little details like the fact that my contact form wasn’t working slip by unnoticed. Sometimes for weeks or months. Sorry about that. The contact form issue has been fixed, I think.

Snowballing Software Costs

Lets see … for business there’s the essential word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software. For convenience and compatibility all of that has to be the same as everyone else is using, and is subscription based so there is a yearly cost. Then there is the business and personal photo/image processing and audio production software. I …

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Our Changing World

Life really has changed over the past 17 months, which is, coincidentally, how long it has been since the pandemic became a thing. I have been working from home for many years, so that part of it is just normal for me. Didn’t even break stride. The rest of the world, however, is going through …

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A Memo from Mr. Brain

I just had an interesting experience that was also kind of encouraging. The more I think about it, the more I would classify it as “life affirming.” The experience itself began with a dream, but there is a back story that needs to be summarized first. I am an “occasional musician” who has gone through …

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Good Riddance to 2020

The worst year in memory will be over in a few hours, and although I’m not naive enough to believe that the tolling of midnight will bring about sudden change, I am hoping for an upswing. There will undoubtedly be some 2020 hangover (US politics would be one example), but with COVID-19 vaccines on the …

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Gear vs. Creativity

Way back in the mid 70s, just after I had started at a well-known music school in Boston (major: composition & arrangement, principle instrument: guitar), I was wandering around the halls of my dorm, checking out my new home for the next couple of years, when I came across another freshman who was sitting on …

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Connecting with Art

We need a break from the exhausting political, social, and public health issues that are ongoing, so for the next few posts I will delve into something a bit less stressful: art, and our relationship to it. Some of this content is updated material from a previous blog. Artists often say that creating an emotional …

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